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Tesco Steel & Engineering has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of Stainless Steel 316Ti weldolets (also known as welding outlets). Our precision machinery and state of the art facilities enables us to produce these weldolets in superior quality and precise dimensions. We have been leading the manufacturing of A182 weldolets since the 90's. All these years have enhanced our capabilities and enabled us to produce all kinds of standard SS316Ti weldolets as well as custom F316Ti weldolets as per customer's specifications. A182 F-316Ti Weldolets are a member of stainless steel branch connection fittings and are generally used in the non-availability or absence of a standard tee. We have numerous combinations of sizes readily available in large number of stocks. We also manufacture flat 316Ti weldolets to be used on flat surfaces.



Weldolets are available in the following specifications:

Dimension Standards of weldolet / Weldolet dimension standards

ASME 16.11 Weldolets, MSS SP-97 Weldolets, BS 3799 Weldolets

Run Sizes

1/2" to 48"

Branch Sizes

1/2" to 24"

Pressure Class

CL 3000 LBS, CL 6000LBS, CL 9000 LBS

Stainless Steel Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 304 Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 304H Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 304L Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 316 Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 316H Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 316L Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 316Ti Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 309 Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 310 Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 317L Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 321 Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 347 Weldolets

• ASTM A 182 F - 904L Weldolets

Duplex Steel Weldolets and Super Duplex Steel Weldolets

• ASTM/ ASME A/SA A 182 UNS - F44 Weldolets

• ASTM/ ASME A/SA A 182 UNS - F45 Weldolets

• ASTM/ ASME A/SA A 182 UNS - F51 Weldolets

• ASTM/ ASME A/SA A 182 UNS - F53 Weldolets

• ASTM/ ASME A/SA A 182 UNS - F55 Weldolets

• ASTM/ ASME A/SA A 182 UNS - F60 Weldolets

• ASTM/ ASME A/SA A 182 UNS - F61 Weldolets

Carbon Steel Weldolets

• ASTM A 105 Weldolets

• A694 Weldolets

• Gr. F42 Weldolets

• Gr. F52 Weldolets

• Gr. F56 Weldolets

• Gr. F60 Weldolets

• Gr. F65 Weldolets

• Gr. F70 Weldolets

Low Temperature Carbon Steel Weldolets

• A350 LF3 Weldolets 

• A350 LF2 Weldolets

Alloy Steel Weldolets

• ASTM / ASME A / SA 182 F1

• ASTM / ASME A / SA 182 F5

• ASTM / ASME A / SA 182 F9

• ASTM / ASME A / SA 182 F11

• ASTM / ASME A / SA 182 F22

• ASTM / ASME A / SA 182 F91

Nickel Alloys Weldolets

• ASTM / ASME SB 564 / 160 / 472 - UNS N10276 Weldolets / Hastelloy C276 Weldolets

• UNS 2200 Weldolets / Nickel 200 Weldolets / Ni200 Weldolets

• UNS 2201 Weldolets / Nickel 201 Weldolets / Ni201 Weldolets

• UNS 4400 Weldolets / Monel 400 Weldolets / Mo400 Weldolets

• UNS 8020 Weldolets / Alloy 20 Weldolets

• UNS 8825 Weldolets / Inconel 825 Weldolets

• UNS 6600 Weldolets / Inconel 600 Weldolets

• UNS 6601 Weldolets / Inconel 601 Weldolets

• UNS 6625 Weldolets / Inconel 625 Weldolets

Copper Nickel Weldolets / Cupro Nickel Weldolets

• ASTM / ASME SB 61 / 62 /151 / 152 - C70600 Weldolets / CU-NI-90/10 Weldolets

• C71500 Weldolets / CU-NI-70/30 Weldolets

Countries we export to: Stainless Steel 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers / Suppliers / Stockist in Kuwait, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers in UAE, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers in Germany, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Saudi Arabia, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers West Africa, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Dubai, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Iraq, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Congo, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Mexico, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Bahrain, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Canada, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Philippines, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Thailand, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Kenya, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Oman, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Malaysia, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Turkey, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Qatar, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Sudan, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Netherlands, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Oman, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Nigeria, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Muscat, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Russia, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Vietnam, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Angola, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Indonesia, Weldolet Manufacturers UK, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Nigeria, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Yemen, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Italy, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers United States, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Venezuela, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Kazakhstan, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Algeria, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Jordan, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Colombia, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Libya, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Chine, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Peru, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Iran, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers South Africa, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Bangkok, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Jiddah, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Afghanistan, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Israel, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Zambia, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Tanzania, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Somalia, 316Ti Weldolet Manufacturers Pakistan.

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